What it means to “Master Your Language”


Mastery by definition means, “comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment”. Many writers feel that their writing isn’t “good enough” because it doesn’t sound like (insert person). What is important to understand in writing is, though some writing (i.e. academic) may require a specific format or structure, the real heavy lifting is done by the writer’s style and ability; their mastery of their own language. Let’s dig deeper.

Each one of us has a specific voice. That voice includes the tone, pitch, and cadence with which we deliver our messages. The same applies to how we write. Your tone, pitch and cadence (sentence structure, phrasing, et cetera) are unique to you. Learning how best to use those variables to make your message more efficient is the goal of our products and services.

Mastering your language means that you give yourself the tools and knowledge necessary to take your writing from where it is to where it needs to be such that you are comfortable with what you say, how you say it, how others receive it, and so on; the basics of effective communication. It means that your writing looks and sounds like you, and can reach its intended audience with clarity, style, and cohesion. It means you have complete command of the way you use words, not the way you think you should use words. Mastering your language moves you from thinking about writing that blog or book or essay, to writing it and much more because you have the confidence to do so.

Ready to get started?

Published by N.R. Byrom

30 something poet, writer, artist, and lover of all things beautiful and superfluous.

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